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Clay Bars were invented in Japan in the late 1980s to remove overspray and minor flaws from freshly painted vehicles at body shops. At that time in the United States, the only method of dealing with surface imperfections was compounding, which removes tiny layers of your clear coat finish every time you do it.

Clay Bar Auto Detail - Atlanta, GAClay Bars can be natural or synthetic, but most manufacturers produce synthetic clay bars due to longevity. Basically, clay is a malleable plastic resin.

Clay Bars have the ability to grab the tiniest of debris and hold onto it as it glides across the paint. Used with the proper lubricant, clay bars are not abrasive and will not affect the paint surface with the exception of cleaning it. Anything that protrudes above the top coat surface will be grabbed by the clay bar and pulled out. The clay lubricant will prevent this debris from scratching your vehicle. Once clayed, the paint will feel remarkably smooth and have the shine that comes with a perfectly-clean paint surface.

Clay pulls out things you canít see, like industrial fallout, rail dust, and brake dust. Although these destructive elements are not visible, they may feel bumpy or gritty to the touch and they may cause patches of paint to appear dull, even after waxing. Even worse, as these contaminants oxidize, they will create rust spots within the paint. Once this happens, the oxidation is considerably harder to remove and will most likely take a good bit of paint with it when removed. Clay Bars also easily remove tar, sap, overspray, and gum. They are much safer than corrosive spot cleaners and they leave the surface incredibly smooth.

You can trust Detail Masters of Atlanta for proper use of clay bars when reconditioning your automobile. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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